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slangards: Future Fight is really nice. Uninstalled Contest of Champions after I downloaded that one. Just doesn't compare. Apr 18, 2015 20:21:58 GMT 8
slangards: Future Fight is pretty fun, but it Apr 18, 2015 20:21:19 GMT 8
nathan: . I did play TFR for about a month but switched to Marvel Future Fight(better graphics) Apr 17, 2015 11:09:03 GMT 8
castortroy: anybody playing the transformers rising game on android? Apr 16, 2015 15:22:33 GMT 8
wardawn: Oh yeah, that ridiculously huge cube! Stupid Bay. Apr 15, 2015 23:22:36 GMT 8
Gold: Lol.. for mass shifting in the Bay-verse we don't need to look any farther than the All Spark from TF1. That's some ridiculous mass shifting right there. Apr 15, 2015 15:49:50 GMT 8
wardawn: Humn, good point. But if we look at Lockdown's TFanimated toy, he was a deluxe but his bot mode is as tall as a voyager class... It's what i was wishing hasbro will do that same toy gig with its TF AoE Lockdown. Apr 15, 2015 7:46:50 GMT 8
deathzero23: I know this been an old issue but.. Michael Bay didn't like "mass shifting" idea right? But how about Lockdown's situation? Can it be considered mass shifting? deluxe size car into a leader class bot mode.. So Bay goes against his own idea? Apr 14, 2015 23:30:51 GMT 8
Weirdwolf72: I wonder why the IDW Megatron Origin's thread has been removed? Was there anything controversial in it? Apr 12, 2015 17:32:27 GMT 8
wardawn: Happy Easter guys. Apr 5, 2015 18:52:19 GMT 8
chuckbartowski: Happy Easter! Apr 5, 2015 10:48:02 GMT 8
arnie001: Nevertheless, let's give the man the credit for making MGS a successful franchise. And long cutscenes has always been a trademark of modern MGS games. I consider it as reward after finishing each mission. Apr 5, 2015 8:05:19 GMT 8
Weirdwolf72: Well .......Kojima was always a frustrated movie director as he could not break in the tight/ old boys club in the Japanese cinematic industry. His long cutscnes reflect on that frustration. Apr 4, 2015 23:31:20 GMT 8
Magnusfan Nujevad: A metal Gear Solid Game without Kojima would have 50% less cutscenes. Mar 30, 2015 9:23:58 GMT 8
arnie001: Josie Rizal Tekken 7 Mar 29, 2015 23:12:43 GMT 8
arnie001: A metal gear solid game without Kojima is not Metal Gear at all. Mar 28, 2015 18:38:51 GMT 8
Majingaa Zetto™ 12·03·72: For those peopl that are into SR shows. Albegas DVD sino bibili... vol1 vol2 Mar 22, 2015 8:37:31 GMT 8
Weirdwolf72: Platinum Seeker Squadron confirmed in Singapore Mar 16, 2015 8:44:30 GMT 8
marc: batinthesun superpower beat down yan sa youtube. Maraming episode cla dun Mar 11, 2015 21:16:12 GMT 8
arnie001: The force vs the bat. Mar 9, 2015 0:04:01 GMT 8