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Magnusfan Nujevad: Has anyone else seen the test footage of the Deadpool movie? I really hope it gets made. Here's a link Aug 1, 2014 9:36:10 GMT 8 *
Magnusfan Nujevad: Not the worst Transformers crossover I've ever seen. Remember the Shoe-formers, or even worse, the cap-formers? At least the Angry Birds toys are on the cheap side. Aug 1, 2014 9:22:33 GMT 8
arnie001: Wow Hasbro is really serious with angry birds tf crossover. Jul 31, 2014 21:54:03 GMT 8
chuckbartowski: Can't find any series 2 and 3 kreons anywhere. The constructicons need their 2 other pals. the insecticons are hard to find too! Jul 31, 2014 17:53:18 GMT 8
Magnusfan Nujevad: I'd suggest waiting for the exclusive SDCC Kreons set to arrive. I'm sure there will be people who will sell off some of their older Kreons for this. Jul 30, 2014 15:48:09 GMT 8 *
ALeX: if you've got the resources to track down older waves (which are terrible by the way) then why not Jul 29, 2014 19:20:27 GMT 8
chuckbartowski: I'm liking kreons a little but i don't like stress marks. Should i pursue this toyline or stop right now? Jul 29, 2014 10:25:21 GMT 8
haccp: There is a PO for LC jetfire.. Jul 28, 2014 14:40:45 GMT 8
Weirdwolf72: Any word on local release of Jetfire? Jul 28, 2014 13:22:09 GMT 8
advocatepinoy: Good day, guys! It's been a while since I posted here. Have an amazing week! Jul 28, 2014 12:18:40 GMT 8
chompilolacson: hey fellas :D im in cebu...ummm where do you buy TF here? :( ive been eating and drinking but i have no place to go statisfy my geekness :( Jul 28, 2014 7:28:49 GMT 8
de ROB: New Transformers Toon first look: ___ Jul 27, 2014 0:00:01 GMT 8
haccp: thanks sir ! Jul 26, 2014 13:43:05 GMT 8
Gold: Go to, create an account, upload pic there. You can also edit and resize there if you don't have photoshop installed on your pc. :) Jul 25, 2014 22:52:47 GMT 8
haccp: guys, i have a can i post a pic that is coming from my computer?i only know how to post a pic that is coming from the web?TIA Jul 24, 2014 19:47:15 GMT 8
alphonse: Anyone knows the contact number of Black? Kindly PM me his contact number. Thanks. Jul 24, 2014 4:05:41 GMT 8
Weirdwolf72: Yes Gold. It seems, Tomy/Takara has been using a different paint blend........maybe the kid friendly less lead variety?. Even my iPod Optimus Prime G1 color has the "prickly heat" blemish issue. My older G1, though with paint chipping doesn't have this. Jul 19, 2014 10:54:42 GMT 8
Gold: Oh man... that's sad to hear. They sure don't make em like they used to... Jul 18, 2014 22:08:09 GMT 8
Weirdwolf72: @ Gold kimosabe, we are doomed by time. Happening already with my MP-01, Godginrai.........sure not discoloration but paint degradation or plastic just cracking...after looking funny at it. Jul 18, 2014 18:16:24 GMT 8
chompilolacson: I opened my foc prime and magnus due to the d**n storm :P curse you boredooooooooom!! Jul 18, 2014 6:32:40 GMT 8