KO Fansproject City Commander Kit vs. the Original


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Gold: EE GOTG ML Set promo over at Marvelousnews, $20 discount and free shipping, up to May 15 only - http://marvelousnews.com/news.php?catid=252&itemid=18881catid=252&itemid=18881 Apr 25, 2015 2:56:55 GMT 8
Gold: Someone please delete that spoiler in the shoutbox, also in the various threads. Apr 25, 2015 2:42:02 GMT 8 *
arnie001: Movie spoilers are not allowed in the shoutbox! Apr 24, 2015 20:50:50 GMT 8
dc723: Nice! Are there any post credit scenes jcross? :) Apr 24, 2015 17:43:52 GMT 8
jcross: what a dissapointing day, Quicksilver died at the hands of Ultron and Vision was the one who killed Ultron. And I am shocked that Ultron’s minion’s killed Baron Strucker and Ultron severing Klaw’s arm ? Warmachine joining the party fighting Ultron is part Apr 24, 2015 16:56:37 GMT 8
chuckbartowski: does anyone know the mechanics for the free toy from the power rangers meet and greet in the major malls? my son is aching to get one. Apr 22, 2015 18:19:40 GMT 8
Gold: Stop motion TF MP fan made short clip for the win!!! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1abXFv_28e8&feature=youtu.be Apr 20, 2015 11:18:26 GMT 8 *
Gold: Yeah.. a huge cube the size of a truck shrinks down to the size of a lunchbox.. lol... :D Apr 20, 2015 11:17:56 GMT 8
slangards: Future Fight is really nice. Uninstalled Contest of Champions after I downloaded that one. Just doesn't compare. Apr 18, 2015 20:21:58 GMT 8
slangards: Future Fight is pretty fun, but it Apr 18, 2015 20:21:19 GMT 8
nathan: . I did play TFR for about a month but switched to Marvel Future Fight(better graphics) Apr 17, 2015 11:09:03 GMT 8
castortroy: anybody playing the transformers rising game on android? Apr 16, 2015 15:22:33 GMT 8
wardawn: Oh yeah, that ridiculously huge cube! Stupid Bay. Apr 15, 2015 23:22:36 GMT 8
Gold: Lol.. for mass shifting in the Bay-verse we don't need to look any farther than the All Spark from TF1. That's some ridiculous mass shifting right there. Apr 15, 2015 15:49:50 GMT 8
wardawn: Humn, good point. But if we look at Lockdown's TFanimated toy, he was a deluxe but his bot mode is as tall as a voyager class... It's what i was wishing hasbro will do that same toy gig with its TF AoE Lockdown. Apr 15, 2015 7:46:50 GMT 8
deathzero23: I know this been an old issue but.. Michael Bay didn't like "mass shifting" idea right? But how about Lockdown's situation? Can it be considered mass shifting? deluxe size car into a leader class bot mode.. So Bay goes against his own idea? Apr 14, 2015 23:30:51 GMT 8
Weirdwolf72: I wonder why the IDW Megatron Origin's thread has been removed? Was there anything controversial in it? Apr 12, 2015 17:32:27 GMT 8
wardawn: Happy Easter guys. Apr 5, 2015 18:52:19 GMT 8
chuckbartowski: Happy Easter! Apr 5, 2015 10:48:02 GMT 8
arnie001: Nevertheless, let's give the man the credit for making MGS a successful franchise. And long cutscenes has always been a trademark of modern MGS games. I consider it as reward after finishing each mission. Apr 5, 2015 8:05:19 GMT 8